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Academic Degrees

Political Science
Democracy, Politics and Governance
Political Science
International Relations with Politics

Academic Career

In 2009, I joined the International Relations with Politics program at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) as a bachelor’s student. This three-year program gave me an insight into wide range of topics such as the EU in the global system, the politics of everyday life, change and world order, politics and power in the UK, and working within international context.

Furthermore, I decided to deepen my understanding of contemporary political science with the help of a master’s degree titled Democracy, Politics and Governance at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL). The assignments and dissertation during this one-year degree extensively developed my academic reading, writing, and research skills.

After gaining a firm academic foundation in the study of politics and international relations, I didn't pursue a career in the similar discipline. However, I still enjoy reading content focusing on democratic theory, political institutions, public policy, different political systems, and diverse social contexts.

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

Initially, I started working as a copy editor at Packt Publishing that publishes technology books for IT professionals. My job role in this company mainly involved working on grammatical and language-related errors without making any changes to the technical content (as I didn't have any prior knownledge of it). I received adequate training that enabled me to make meaningful changes without hampering the author's tone and house style.

In the past year, I freelanced as an editor with Cactus Communications and as a proofreader with Crimson Interactive. I specialized in political science research papers, as it is my field of expertise. I worked closely with foreign-speaking authors in order to ensure that the final text is free of unclear or unidiomatic sentences. Also, I had a free hand to leave subject-related suggestions that are mutually acceptable. I maintained awareness of new words or phrases coming into popular usage within the subject area and followed subject-specific conventions.

Other than editing/proofreading formal and academic texts, I have also worked on short articles, case studies, CVs, cover letters, presentations, brochures, emails, video script, and video description. Although such assignments are unrelated to my field of specialization, they are solely based on trust/goodwill with my clients. Nevertheless, this particular experience has developed my existing skills to produce high-quality documents.


Firstly, I will read and review the document carefully to develop an understanding of the author's intent. I will then correct punctuation, grammar, and language errors, as well as rewrite poorly worded sentences and phrases. Not just this, along with making corrections/changes, I will also insert helpful suggestions/comments.

Personal Message

My unique combination of educational background in the field of political science and experience in editing/proofreading manuscripts in the similar discipline, makes me an ideal person to help authors that are dedicated to share their knowledge and make real changes in the world.


I need at least a one-week window, unless there is an urgent assignment.