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Welcome to ExpertProof!

Beta info: this is a beta version, not perfect. Don’t get annoyed, but your input is important. For now, there are no commissions (completely free). Later, a percentage based fee will be charged only on agreed jobs.

We are a platform for high quality proofreading services offered by independent freelancers with a high expertise in specific academic subjects.
As a freelance proofreader on the ExpertProof platform, you need to:

  • have an advanced academic record in a specific academic subject area and have earned at least a bachelor’s degree
  • have experience as a professional editor/proofreader
  • be qualified according to the requirements of your country to work as a freelancer
  • be able to bill and invoice clients independently. (We plan to help with this, on the platform, in the future.)

If you meet these criteria, the following are the steps to joining:

  1. First, you sign up and create a profile. Fill out all forms, including the section to add a degree.
  2. Then, every proofreader will need to be approved before being added to the pool of freelancers. A profile will be made public and searchable only after the proofreader and their profile information have been approved.
  3. After approval your profile will be searchable and clients can contact you through the ExpertProof platform. Please check in as often as you can.

We look forward to working together!

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