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About Us

What We Do In Detail


Many academic professors use English but it is not their mother-tongue. It can be difficult for them, as well as native speakers, to find expert subject-specific proofreaders to check their work. There are many agencies that provide this service, but they are not transparent enough with their proofreaders. They don’t provide real subject-specific experts. You cannot see their qualifications, experience, customer feedback and evaluation of quality. Customers cannot see which editors are currently online. Customers cannot contact and build a working relationship with an editor from an agency.


A platform where researchers can find and directly contact the subject expert proofreaders. Freelancers show their profile with qualifications, experience, customer feedback, and evaluation of quality. Profiles will be searchable based on various criteria. The customer can choose an editor themselves or leave it up to us. Eventually, it will show when an editor is online and available for on-demand service.

It's good to remember that anything you publish has your name and often your university's name attached to it. Wouldn’t you like to feel just as confident about what you write in English as you do in your mother tongue? is where you can find an expert proofreader in your subject area, in a direct and transparent way. Just create a search and personally choose your proofreader from the results. You can now be confident that your hard work will be understood and presented professionally.

Our Story

We personally knew some professors that told us how difficult it was for them to find good proofreaders. Some said that they regularly need people who are professional proofreaders, but also know enough about the academic subject matter to understand it and not change the desired meaning. We thought maybe we could help, so that’s what we are trying to do.

Now we are working on setting up ExpertProof as a web platform so professors and researchers can more easily find proofreaders. We think that it will also be a valuable tool for proofreaders by connecting them with quality clients. It is a free service to search for proofreaders and sign up as a client. As a proofreader, you can sign up and create a profile, which is also free and always will be. Right now, during this first stage, there will also be no commission charged by ExpertProof for completed jobs. Clients and proofreaders can negotiate invoicing and payments personally. 

The Founders

  • Semu Torres is a teacher and project manager who has a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in crosscultural teaching.
  • Juri von Krause is an experienced web/IT project manager and has a master's degree in economics.