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Academic Degrees

Political Science
Social & Political Thought
Masters in Research (Social Anthropology)
Comparative religions, anthropology, theology

Academic Career

2003-2004: MRes (Masters in Research) in Social Anthropology (University College, London), incorporating modules in research design, methods and skills, literature review and an independent research project in a fieldwork site. My own dissertation was entitled The Reformation of Death Rituals in Contemporary Urban Fiji.

1998-1999: MA in Social & Political Thought (University of Warwick), exploring traditions of social & political theory, modern literature, economics and ideology. My final dissertation focused on Human Rights Discource as a Global Phenomenon.

1994-1997: BA Hons in Religious Studies (King's College, London), developing understanding of contemporary religions, philosophy, sociology, psychology and anthropology of religion as well as Christian theology.

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

  • 2012: Proofreading qualification through The Publishing Training Centre in London
  • Nine years' experience proofreading and copyediting academic manuscripts for both English speakers and students for whom English is a second language. Many of my existing clients have started off asking me to proofread their masters or PhD thesis and then have returned to me time after time, seeking help with structuring proposals and academic papers, copyediting journal articles, arranging bibliographic references according to journal guidelines, proofreading books and preparing conference papers. 
  • My own website is available at
  • I have also worked in an international publishing house and set up a business in the charity sector, so have a range of interests, experience and expertise. Working in publishing has given me a good understanding of book production, from commissioning, design and editing, right through to marketing and printing.


I am a native English speaker living in the UK, but my experience means I am equally happy working to American or British English. I can arrange citations and bibliographies according to the client's specifications, having worked extensively with most of the major academic formats.

My work is detailed and precise, and I pride myself on strict deadlines and excellent communication.

Personal Message

Professional proofreading and copyediting services, delivered on time and tailored to accommodate your specific needs.


As a freelancer working from home, I am usually available for work, and respond to messages within 24 hours (usually much quicker). My time is flexible so I can arrange a quick turnaround when required.