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Academic Degrees

Social Anthropology
English with Creative Writing

Academic Career

My academic interests and experience span Social Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Migration and Diaspora, Race and Postcolonial Studies, Development Studies, Social Theory, Religion, Posthumanism, Gender Studies, Ethnographies, Creative Non-fiction, Fiction, Screenwriting, Journalism, and Poetry among others.

Academic qualifications: 

MA Social Anthropology from SOAS University of London (2011-2012), with a Merit Dissertation on "The Dynamics of Liminality and the Manifestation of the Parasite: Representations of Asylum Seekers and Gypsies in Britain"

First Class BA(Hons) English with Creative Writing from University College Falmouth (2007-2010), with a dissertation focusing on the rise and fall of magic and nationalism in Latin American Magical Realism novels

Post-graduate Foundation in Art Therapy from Roehampton University (2012-2013)

TESOL Certificate from Buckland International (2012)

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

I thoroughly enjoy my role as an editor and I hard work to elicit the essence and vitality contained within each manuscript I'm handed, maintaining the author's distinctive voice, drawing on its strengths and refining the clarity of argument.

Over the past year I've worked extensively as a Senior Editor and Ghost Writer on several books prior to their publication. These non-fiction (both academic and non-academic) manuscripts were rooted in Eastern philosophy and wisdom traditions, art history, cultural studies, education, personal development, and sustainable business.

I'm also an editor for a non-profit educational organisation that delivers monthly Bhakti-yoga philosophy and meditation courses to incarcerated inmates throughout the US.

Aside from other ongoing freelance work in the areas of Anthropology, Education and Eastern Philosophy, my editorial, proofreading and transcribing experience also includes internships with HarperCollins and Gaudiya Vedanta Publications. My work with Gaudiya Vedanta Publications involved transcribing, proofreading and editing work by non-native English speakers. 

My language skills have also been put to extensive use as a pre-university Anthropolgy tutor, and as an English teacher in China. As such, I'm comfortable working with a range of education and language levels. 



Assessing and editing the piece as a whole for consistent flow, harmonious use of language, and effective argument, by working on grammar, vocabulary, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and structure. 

Conceptual Restructuring/Critical Feedback
I can provide insightful critical feedback and guidance on structure for a piece of writing, in various stages of its development.

Personal Message

I'm a professional editor, writer, proofreader and poet, with a broad range of cultural and academic interests and experiences. I'm impassioned by the potency of language in its ability to educate, enlighten, direct action, and inspire transformations in the reader's consciousness. As an experienced editor on both academic essays and larger publications, I'd be thrilled to help guide your writing into fulfilling its highest potential.


As I currently have other editing work on the go, I'd appreciate at least 24 hours notice, although I'm able to work both on weekends and weekdays.

Please get in touch to further explore availability, your work and your desires for it.