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Academic Degrees

Organizational Studies
Sustainable Development
English Language and Literature

Academic Career

A University of Chicago graduate, I also have a master's in Sustainable Development. I teach English full-time at an American public school, but have also taught ESL overseas. I am a voracious reason, primarily in the English canon but also in a wide range of non-fiction subjects. A published poet, I am also interested in economics, history, geo-politics, linguistics, and ecology. I speak proficient French and Spanish, as well as a smattering of Korean and Hindi. Additionally, I manage an NGO in sounds crazy when I put it all down, but I'm a "work hard play hard" sort of person!

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

I have been teaching English for over a decade. I've edited everything from masters' theses to a school newsletter. I have a strong grasp of grammar, usage, and mechanics. 


Any and all proofreading and editing. I am also happy to walk you through all stages of crafting your work, from brainstorming to outlining to drafting. I'm also my current school's "Literacy Coach," which means I work with teachers from across the subject areas to craft assignments and projects for students. 

Personal Message

I'm honest, efficient, and a good communicator.


It depends on the length/depth of the work, but I can generally turn around a piece within 5 business days. I will let you know asap if other commitments alter this timeframe.