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Academic Degrees


Academic Career

I studied a bachelor of arts with economics, politics and law in Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland and graduated with honours in 2009.
My master's in law focused on copyright and intellectual property law but I also studied some aviation law and policy and did my thesis in the latter, graduating in 2010, also with honours.

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

I worked at a newspaper for over four years proofreading and editing copy, news articles and short stories. This was not limited to checking spelling, but also checking the names of people and places that appeared in an article were consistent, and I also had to ensure the date was correct, the page number was on the correct side, etc. and ensuring consistency throughout.
I've been asked on several occasions to proofread college assignments and theses for distinct subjects, ensuring there are no spelling or grammatical errors as well as ensuring the syntax is correct.


I'd be happy to proofread an assignment or any other reading material for spelling, grammar, syntax and consistency (such as making sure capital letters are used correctly throughout, ensuring the right punctuation is used, ensuring the names of places, people, books, articles, etc. are referenced properly and consistently throughout, etc.)

I can proofread both American English spelling and British English spelling.

Personal Message

I've always had excellent spoken and written English which is why I was more than capable of working as a proofreader even though I wasn't qualified in that area. I thoroughly enjoy the work and I genuinely believe that good communication is essential in order to prevent any misunderstandings, especially in written academic pieces.

Pricing info


I'm available to do freelance work via email correspondence.