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Academic Degrees

Political Science
International Relations
Political Science
International Relations and Development Studies

Academic Career

I have worked in government and NGOs in the areas of poverty allieviation, and foreign affairs and trade. Having studied International Relations to Master´s level I am familiar with the language and terminology of a wide range of topics related to politics, economy and development. 

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

I am a native English speaker and worked as an English teacher for five years and for one year as a translator (Spanish/Catalan to English) and proofreader. I worked mainly for NGOs and local government and proofread and translated material on human rights and foreign policy. Currently I work in parliament and continue to read a lot and help people by proofreading their articles and reports where I can. I have exceptional grammar and a wide vocabulary and am familiar with the mistakes a lot of second-language speakers make. 


Proofreading and translating from Spanish to English. I am not a native Spanish speaker but have level C1 in the language and completed my master´s in Spanish and English. 

Personal Message

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am a professional with an academic background in politics and international relations. I have strong grammar due to my time as an English teacher and also spent one year working as a proofreader and translator. I am very familiar with the language of human rights, international economy, politics and development and can help improve your writing and reputation in that field.


I would need at least 48 hours notice for a project. I can give you a quote of cost and time required when you make the request and will not start until this is agreed upon.