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Academic Degrees

Historical Anthro, American Stud., Medieval Stud.
Religious Studies, Art History, History of Ideas

Academic Career

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A US native, I moved as a child to St. Gallen and grew up Swiss, returning stateside for college and graduate school. Having grappled early with complex grammar, I now know it well and love how it functions in beautiful and effective writing. As a medievalist, for many years I analyzed primary sources in Middle High German and Medieval Latin. Today, as an editor, I work with texts in German and in British and American English. 

Negotiating languages in their different contexts is part of who I am, and my clients come from many different countries, academic disciplines, and business fields. Good writing communicates exactly what you want it to in a cohesive and engaging way, easy for your readers to follow; my job is to help you perfect your style of expression while adjusting to your audience's expectations, level of knowledge, and so on. 

My approach to editing has proved perceptive, highly intuitive, and assuring, seasoned by years of coaching students of all shapes and sizes. The hurdles that make up the writing process are normal and can be worked through together, as a team. 

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications


Remote Academic Structural and Language Editor, May 2016 to present

Comprehensively edit theses, quantitative or qualitative research studies, or articles in nonnative English from all over the globe and a wide range of disciplines. Provide thorough and personalized feedback. Improve academic style, thesis chapter sequence and structure, and consistency in British and American English.

Freelance Copy Editor and Writer Coach, August 2009 to present

Improve logic or fine-tune for grammatical detail and usage, remotely or in person. Adapt to different academic and professional communities while keeping sight of practicalities (budget, deadlines, house style). Mentor reluctant, emerging, or proficient writers both in universities and in public schools, actively listening and responding clearly and constructively. Students of all levels may be native speakers, bilingual, learning a second dialect, or international or immigrant students functioning in a foreign language environment.

Writing Consultant/Training Instructor, August 2012 to May 2013

Coached undergraduates and grad students in all fields to overcome writer’s block; generate and organize ideas; clarify sequence and transitions; improve syntax, spelling, and punctuation; and develop style and tone.


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Personal Message

-A versatile language and substantive editor, I unriddle problems at the document, paragraph, sentence, or word level in the humanities and the natural and social sciences, remotely or interactively online with the author

-I also coach students of all varieties and abilities in higher education and public schools

-A native English speaker transplanted early and now bilingual English-German, I understand the challenges of second language acquisition

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Flexible; please ask. I look forward to speaking with you.