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Academic Career

2007 – 2008: Masters diploma Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Thesis - How the introduction of the cellular phone changed the social, political, and economic behavior of the women of Sibi, Mali.

2003 – 2006: Bachelor diploma Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Thesis – The use of visual media to inform Nigerians about HIV and AIDs.

Went to American, International, and British schools in Sweden, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and the Netherlands. 

After graduating, I set out to travel and photograph. Together with a Dutch journalist, I work on stories about different cultural and social phenomena. We seek to capture the personal stories, either in post-conflict areas or wherever we happen to be at that moment, to share and show the personal life stories that often hide behind the statistics. This is relevant to working as a translator/editor because when I work on a translation/editing job, it's not only about applying grammatical rules and regulations - I read the entire story and question its content just as much as I would with the articles we write. I check names and dates because I know how crucial it is to find those small mistakes that can ruin the credibility of a story/reportage. Proofreading/translating is more than words: it's about the entire story told.

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

  • Work as translator/editor for id est translations in Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Work as translator/editor for JK Translate in the Netherlands
  • Work as translator/editor for Translation Kings in the Netherlands
  • Work as editor/proofreader for Vertaalbureau Perfect in the Netherlands
  • Translate & edit numerous smaller assignments for different organizations and people, such as the Ministry for Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands and Kaleidos Research. 
  • Translate & edit all English written stories published by us thus far. 

My first editing job was a PhD: "State-civil society relations in Syria, EU Good Governance assistance in an authoritarian state". This motivated me to work more as a translator/editor because I get to read interesting articles and at the same time help the person/organization present a better piece. 

For Kaleidos Research, the best research agency in the Netherlands with respect to global issues, I have edited a couple discussion papers and official reports to be presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands (assigned by an American foundation).

Fields of expertise: anthropology, ethnic & cultural studies, journalism. Open & interested to work in other fields. 


I am a freelancer therefore I work around the clock (I work during the weekends and holidays as well). I work quickly but meticulously. I would be happy to proofread a page or two as a trail (free of charge). Please feel free to ask me anything if there are any questions or doubts. 

Personal Message

I have been working as a photographer for a couple of years now in South America. As an anthropologist, I am glad I found a way to combine anthropology and everything I learned while studying in Leiden, with a more artistic and equally important approach to share stories about people and situations I come across. But, to continue to challenge the mind on a different level, I work as a translator/editor. I work thoroughly and quickly, and as a freelancer, I am always working so easy to reach.


As a freelancer, I'm always available (24/7). I respond as quickly as possible to emails. You can send me long and short projects. I will do my best with last-minute work. Just contact me so we can see what we can work out. Thank you!