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Academic Degrees

Masters of Divinity -Theology, Greek, Hebrew
Biblical Studies, Theology, Koine Greek

Academic Career

My degrees include a BA in Bible & Religion and a Masters of Divinity, in which I studied everything from practical theology to theological philosophy to biblical studies to biblical languages (Koine Greek and Ancient Hebrew).

In addition, I have a Certificate of Applied Linguistics, through which I gained a basic understanding of practical linguistics as taught by field linguists who have practiced in various cultures around the world.  In this program, I dabbled in basic phonetics (IPA), phonology, grammar, semantics, and discourse analysis.

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

I proofread and edit regularly in my role as Project Manager with Robertson Lowstuter, which is an executive development firm.  Documents include resumes, career development reports (such as assessment summaries and 360-degree summaries), internal communications, event invitations, and client proposals.  Many of these documents are critical to job placement and/or career development for executive-level clients.

I also proofread books for the academic division of a Chicago-area publisher, InterVarsity Press (a total of 10 books over the past few years), in the areas of theology, Christian studies, and some Christian history and philosophy.  

In my graduate work, I wrote papers on biblical exegesis (including biblical language analysis), theology, Christian missions and evangelism, and cross-cultural engagement.

I am most familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, as the standard for proofreading and editing.


Services I can provide:
-Basic proofreading for grammar and spelling
-Document formatting in MS Word-compatible programs, basic or complex
-Suggested rewording and rearrangement of sentences to improve flow
-Critical editorial comments regarding content, argument flow, and general construction

My familiarity with basic linguistics, Christian theological terms & concepts, and biblical languages will be utilized wherever needed!

Personal Message

I am a Project Management professional with an eclectic background spanning from basic linguistics to theology to proofreading, editing, and event planning. I love words, and thrive on the practice of communicating with clarity and brevity through word combinations, sentence arrangement, and even formatting. Grammar is key to this quest. With experience as both a basic proofreader and a critical editor, I'm glad to help bring your writing to its fullest potential in style, clarity, and content.


Since I work full-time in addition to freelancing, my availability varies. I am glad to talk with you about your project and timeline if you think I may be a good fit!