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Academic Degrees

Political Science
Middle East Studies, Economics (both)
Political Science
International Studies, Anthropology (double major)

Academic Career

I began my education at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in the interdisciplinary International Studies program, which incorporates coursework from within various departments including political science, history, economics, sociology, and anthropology. In addition to International Studies, I also majored in anthropology. During my second undergraduate year I was accepted into an accelerated 5-year BA/MA program with the JHU School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS); I began a two-year MA program in Middle East Studies and International Economics at SAIS during what would have been my fourth undergraduate year.

As the United States' first research university, JHU academics are heavily research-focused and as a result I have grown accustomed to reading academic material even at its most dense. Although I am no longer a student and do not work in academia, I still enjoy reading theoretical work from various disciplines in my free time.

Proofreading/Editing Experience and Qualifications

I began editing work when my first-year professors nominated me for a job as a tutor/consultant at the JHU Writing Center, and continued as a teaching assistant at the SAIS English Writing Center. I have worked on materials from a variety of disciplines, usually outside my own realm of expertise and often quite technical in nature.

At the JHU Writing Center, my role focused on improving students' writing in such a way that the writer's independent ability was also improved after the 50-min consultation. All tutors underwent training to hone our strategies for effectively achieving this. Whether reviewing course papers, grant proposals, personal statements, or application materials, our aim was not only to perfect grammar/syntax but especially to strengthen the core arguments presented therein, helping students present their ideas as effectively as possible while maintaining their unique voice.

My job as a SAIS Writing Center TA was similar but involved a stronger focus on basic proofreading due to seeing more students for whom English was not their first language. Further, these appointments were often limited to only 30 min (max.  1 hour), meaning I had to read through many pages of material quickly enough to evaluate the work as a whole and leave time to discuss with the student, while also paying attention to detail in order to correct spelling and punctuation.


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Personal Message

NYT's Lawrence Downes: “They are more powerful than proofreaders. They untangle twisted prose. They are surgeons, removing growths of error and irrelevance; they are minimalist chefs, straining fat. Their goal is to make sure that the day’s work of a newspaper staff becomes an object of lasting beauty and excellence once it hits the presses. . . . 

The copy editor’s job, to the extent possible under deadline, is to slow down, think things through, do the math and ask the irritating question.”